StickLizard Transport supply minicube shipping containers also known as 8′ containers. These containers are the smallest container available and suit customers who are space limited.


External; L2.30m x W2.30m x H2.25m

Internal; L2.14m x W2.21m x H2.00m

Overall; Tare approx. 950kg and Capacity 9.8m3

Delivery by tilt tray truck

Distance requirements for delivery and placement of the container:

  • 15 metres in front of the container of clear, level, firm ground.
  • 3 metres width clearance and 4.2 metres height clearance from where the truck enters your property to where the container is to be unloaded.
  • Please look up to ensure there are no low power lines, overhanging branches or roof eves on the access to where you want the container placed.
  • The truck will not be used to push through overhead or overgrown branches, trees and bushes as this may cause damage to the truck.

If your delivery address does not meet the above requirements, please contact us to disucss this further, we will be more than willing to assist in finding a resolution.